Smart to open a Pre-Order status for the Samsung Galaxy S III on May 23

Smart Communications will entertain pre-orders for the most awaited Samsung Galaxy S III on May 23, 2012. They also give information about the availability of the handset.

Galaxy S III will be available at Smart post-paid plan with a possible UnliData bundle. We are counting on the UnliData plans that would offer unlimited mobile internet access plus text and call options. If we consider the iPhone 4S plans, most likely it will fall on the UnliData Plans 3000, 4000 or All-In Plan 3500. It could also have a specified Galaxy S III Plan that has a monthly amortization on top of the priced-plan. Likewise, it could be available in lower UnliData plans with respective cashouts. No details about the prepaid pricing yet, there are even rumors that Smart will not sell it on prepaid.

Smart might also give a camp-out launch party for this Quad-Core mega-device. Until then, all we have to do is cross our fingers that they would offer this handset in a very reasonable price. 
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