The New iPad (3rd Gen iPad or "iPad 3") coming to Globe with Tattoo bundle, plans and pricing released

The new iPad (3rd Generation iPad) is coming to Globe Telecoms with its Tattoo-the New iPad combo deal. This deal covers Plans 499 and 999 with your desired WiFi + Cellular variant (16 GB, 32GB and 64 GB).

This combo promises up to 7.2 mbps of download speed and can get faster with a top-up of speed boosters on Plan 999. You just have to add a minimum amount of Php 100 for “burstable” speed of up to 12 mbps, Php 200 for speed up to 12 mbps, or Php 250 for up to 21 mbps speed. On the otherhand, Plan 499 only covers 50-hour browsing time but can go up until 292 hours using Supersurf promos. Check out the table below for more information.

Plan 999
Plan 499
iPad with Wifi + Cellular 16GB
iPad with Wifi + Cellular 32GB
iPad with Wifi + Cellular 64GB
Browsing Speed
Up to 7.2 Mbps*
Data Browsing
Up to 292 Hours**

*Minimum speed is 12-48kbps. Minimum service reliability is 80%.

** Plan 499 has 50 hours on regular browsing rate (P2.50/15 minutes) and can be stretched to 292 hours using SuperSurf promos. Plan 499 maximum bill is P999. Excess usage beyond P999 is permitted without additional cost.

Cash out can be paid in 3, 6, 9 or 12 months with 0% interest rate using major credit cards.. These plans have a lock-in period of 24 months. Other than the bundled rates, the New iPad subscribers to tattoo freebies and promos. On the otherhand, Apple Store Philippines is now selling unlock version of New iPad.

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