Samsung Galaxy S II I9100G variant receives ICS update

The other variation of the Samsung Galaxy S II, the TI OMAP-based I9100G, is now rolling out Ice Cream Sandwich update in several countries after the March release of its original I9100 counterpart.

This update seems to be a limited release to some lucky countries in the meantime, however it is expected to expand its availability globally in these coming weeks.

The Samsung Galaxy SII I9100G is the second wave of SII handset that has been released internationally. The main difference between these units from the original one is that it uses TI OMAP 4430 instead of Exynos 4210 for its chipset. It also has POWER VR SGX540 as its GPU. Furthermore, the capacity is only limited to 16 GB only compared to 16/32GB of the original. Standby and Talk Time also have minor streaks of indifferences.  

So if you think that you have this kind of Galaxy S II, this update is the one that you’ve been waiting for.

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