RIM Updates BlackBerry PlayBook OS to 2.0

RIM strengthens its roots upon the release of the BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.0 and the BlackBerry OS 7.1. Android players are popping out of nowhere and Apple is expected to drop its latest tablet probably this quarter; it goes to show that RIM needs to gear up in order for it to penetrate the Tablet Department.
On the contrary of what the public is expecting, the PlayBook will not be integrated with an Android Sandbox that could’ve given it a ticket to the Android Market. Maybe not at the moment, but RIM however concentrated in the connectivity and enhancements.Check the features as we quote RIM on its press release.
Advanced Messaging Experience
New unified inbox - a powerful unified inbox within the built-in messaging app allows users to quickly manage their personal email and work email accounts as well as the messaging capabilities of popular social networking sites like Twitter®, LinkedIn® and others – all in one place.
Multi-tasking within email – by extending the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet’s multitasking capabilities to ‘tabbed email’, users are able to reference one email while they compose another.
Rich-text email composing and editing – new features within the Messages app enable users to benefit from full support of fonts, formatting and editing of email threads, offering a robust email experience similar to that of a PC or laptop.
Inbox management tools – allows for powerful inbox search across multiple email accounts, as well as the ability to set out-of-office messages and email signatures directly from their tablet.
Deep Integration of Social Relationships
Innovative people-centric calendar – in addition to standard calendar features that help users plan and organize their day, the powerful built-in Calendar app provides the unique ability for users to view their calendar by who they are meeting with that day and review valuable information about that contact. Information is consolidated automatically from social networking sites about that contact and/or their company.
Relationship-centric contacts app - more than just an address book, the new built-in Contacts app serves as a social hub - merging and consolidating information from multiple sources (including email and social channels) into one contact file for each person in their address book.  Each contact file includes information such as recent status updates, conversations, related news articles and mutual contacts that are kept up-to-date automatically.
      Aside from the email enhancements, RIM also integrates a bridge between your BlackBerry Smartphones and Playbook with PlayBook remote control and content opening. This update will be available fordownload this February 2012. 

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