Smart, Sun and Globe cut SMS charges to Php 0.15

Smart, Sun and Globe, Philippine giant network providers, agree to lower SMS rate to Php 0.15 due to the directive order of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

The NTC’s directive order was initially Php 0.35 last month and was implemented 20 days after. And it took effect yesterday. 

Aside from the directed charges, networks were also ordered to maintain their quality of service with the expected surge of SMS traffic. Moreover, they are also order not to lift Unlimited services during the holidays.

"All SMS network provider are enjoined to ensure that they have adequate facilities that would guarantee that 99 percent of text messages reach their destinations within 30 seconds from the time the messages are sent," a statement from a NTC representative. 

                I haven’t tried monitoring the charges on my prepaid phone yet, but I'm also glad that these charges had been cut off. I was like…really? I just sent 3 SMS earlier and there’s nothing left in my PHP 5 balance.

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