Globe opens reservation page for iPhone 4S

 Globe Telecoms drops the word that its “registration of interest” page for the iPhone 4S has been activated online after it has been stirring up things with its previous publicity stunt for the latest iPhone. Furthermore, this heats up the iPhone 4S wars due to the fact that its rival network, Smart Communications has also opened its own registration of interest page.

Smart however announced that their release for iPhone 4S is on December 16, while Globe is cooling off a bit about the issue. However, both networks haven’t published their respective deals for their iPhone 4S line as reflected to their registration pages which only contains the specs and phone feature

Yugatech reports that Globe’s “reservation of interest” is not a pre-order page, it will follow after the pre-approval of those who registered. Right now, Globe’s page reflects iPhone 4S advertisement in a “coming soon” stage. But you can submit your application here.
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