If Blackberry Bold 9900 is in your wishlist this Christmas, you might as well hold want to give yourself the benefit of the doubt. A number of new owners of Blackberry Bold 9900 are consistently reporting that new models fail to accomplish their first power-on. This eventually led to bricking of this unit due to the fact that any reset procedures won’t solve such issue. And it is not new to anyone that BlackBerry Bold 9900 is now on the country through RIM retail outlets, Smart also offers it for Plan 3500.

In this regard, RIM issues official statement and affirms that the company is doing something about the issue and is currently working on some troubleshooting fix. An RIM spokeswoman was quoted stressing:

"limited number of customers have reported an issue where their device does not power on." She said the company is "actively working on a software update to resolve this issue."

This Is My Next (TheVerge), however, thinks that the issue is way too far from being negligible due to the fact that more and more users had established a convincing number of claims. Apparently BlackBerry Bold 9930, the CDMA version has also been reported to suffer the same issue. They also suspects that the BlackBerry OS 7 is the root of this issue, apart from the manufacturer’s claims of the hardware defect. 


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