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Monday, September 1

Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 5200 mAh Review: the MI-ni power booster

Xiaomi enters the Philippine market by storm with its Mi 3 smartphone. The device went on flash sale over its online partner, Lazada, for quite a number of times. The premium Chinese manufacturer also opened an online sale for its bestselling Mi Powerbanks last Friday. We managed to get hold of the 5200 mAh variant before it went "sold out" in a matter of minutes. Check out our full review for the Xiaomi Mi Powerbank right after the fold.

What’s in the box?

You’ll only get the 5200 mAh powerbank and the smooth microUSB cable out of the box. The inclusion of the user manual is also a given thought which I found very useful. Of course, there’s little to complain about the device with its Php 445 price tag.

Design and Construction

The Mi Powerbank is a solidly-built device.  We had the silver variant which makes it even more pleasing in the eyes. At first glance, you’ll find its obvious similarity to the second-generation iPod Nano with its filleted sides and its smooth aluminum shell.

At first, I wanted to have the bigger 10400 mAh variant but I’m glad I end up with the smaller one. It perfectly fits in my pocket with its 5.5-centimeter width. In terms of weight, it's one of the lightest 5K-rated powerbanks that I have used with its 155 grams.

The device’s main interface houses the power button, the USB port and the microUSB port. The series of four LED lights also indicates several statuses. All lights ON means the device is fully charged when you're on charging state. When discharging, normally the lights are blinking with respect to the battery percentage.

Recharging (Output)

The device has a maximum output current of 1.5A. This means that you can charge all smartphones that accepts atmost 1.5-ampere input. Sadly you can’t charge tablets that have higher input current requirements like the iPad with 2 amperes. If you intend to charge tablets, you should opt for the 10400 mAh model.

On the conversion rate side of things, Xiaomi promises to have 85 percent charging conversion from this device. It is the very same reason that I could only have atmost 2.5 times charging capacity for my iPhone 5s which has a 1560 mAh battery rating.

Charging (Input)

Charging the 5200 mAh powerbank took me roughly 3 hours using a 2-ampere wall outlet. In my standards, it’s fast. Basically, it is the 2A input current capacity that does the trick. If you use a USB adapter, it could give you 5 to 6 hours of charging.

The Wrap

Both 10400 and 5200 mAh Mi powerbanks are the current best deals in town. The build quality alone would pay-off the Php 445 and Php 645 pricetag. One of the best things about the smaller variant is its portability. You can load it up anywhere in your pocket. Of course, it is very efficient when it comes to doing what it's intended to.

Good Things

Premium build
Insanely cheap

Not so Good Things

Only works with smartphones
One at a time charging

You'll only get both 10400 mAh and 5200 mAh variants exclusively in Lazada.

Saturday, August 30

Globe Telecom non-voting preferred shares listed at local bourse

Globe Telecom recently raised P10 billion from the issuance of 20 million Series A Non-Voting Perpetual Preferred shares with a subscription price of P500 per share. The shares were listed on August 22 at the Philippine Stock Exchange, with Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu ringing the ceremonial bell to start the day’s trading. PSE Chairman Jose Pardo said the oversubscription option testifies to the degree of investor confidence in the company’s future. Pardo further noted Globe provides the fastest Internet service in the country, citing a report by OpenSignal which crowdsources cellphone signal strength.

The P10 billion proceeds will largely go towards capacitizing the Globe network to meet the growing data requirements in the country, according to Globe Chief Finance Officer Albert de Larrazabal, who emphasized that data will be a key driver of growth for the company. Specifically, about 90% of the proceeds will be used for the expansion of the company’s rollout of LTE (long-term evolution) technology to meeting growing demand for bandwidth. Globe Telecom is the first telecommunications company in the country to achieve 100% 3G coverage for its entire network, providing its customers with high-speed wireless internet service. By the end of the third quarter, 100% of its network will be equipped with the more advanced 4G HSPA+ technology.   

Friday, August 29

Best iPad case for “multi-taskers” and frequent travellers

Okay you bought yourself a new iPad – fast, good device that houses all the stuff that you wanted in just the tip of your fingertips.  However, with all the flashy appearance and aluminium-clad shell, iPads are the most scratch-magnet tablets in the market. So before you drool over iOS 7-driven worker, you need to give it an extra care with the case that suits your lifestyle.

With the iPad being the best tablet in town, an extra protection for your priced possession is just but necessary. iPads have grown to be a performance-based machine. iCarryAlls has all the leather cases that you’ll need for your iPads. So if you’re a frequent traveller or a multitasker, there is a high chance that you keep your office stuff in close proximity with your slate. This is where the portfolio case with several pockets fit your needs.

iCarryAlls’ iPad Leather Portfolio case is a breath of fresh air for those who packs hard-copies of receipts and letters in their organizers. The case features compartments for your pens, cards and pictures. It’s simply an organizer and iPad case combination. The fact that it is made of premium leather is also an advantage. Plus, unlike other cases, the leather material keeps a good circulation of air in the case to avoid excessive heating of your device.

The Zippered iPad Leather Portfolio Case is a good catch to keep you organized. Check out the complete specs below.

XIAOZHI Zippered iPad Leather Portfolio with Letter-Size Notepad and Pockets


iPad Compartment
A4/Letter Size Paper for Note Taking
Zippered pocket for documents
Business card and Pen space
Outside Documents Pocket

13x10.2x2 inches  at 0.83 kg
Material: Genuine Leather
Color: Black/Brown/Red(Options)
iPad Options:
iPad Air, iPad 4 Retina, iPad 3, iPad 2

You can get the case in iCarryAlls and Amazon

Thursday, August 28

SpellConnect gamifies spelling for young minds

Tablets and smartphones are simply the source of instant entertainment nowadays. They offer significant amount of information in our busy world. And in line with several aspects that these devices are being utilized, it is also a great platform for your children's education. The App Store is crowded with several apps that offer intuitive and entertaining experience to the young minds but SpellConnect stands out.

The App

One of the most engaging titles is the SpellConnect. The app is specifically designed for spelling starters by infusing fun with learning. Essentially, this app provides adequate game levels that help your child familiarize letters allowing them to spell the words correctly. Going through the app, you’ll discover different modes for parents to assist their kids on the process of learning – the Practice Mode, Test Mode and Parent Mode.


On Practice Mode, Kids tackle the alphabet and simultaneously learn words. As the title implies, it is basically connecting alphabets to make words of three letters, four letters of five letters. On the background, users could utilize the pictures and sounds to recognize the words.

The Test Mode comes when activated by parents. This gives a set of up to 15 words for your child to answer. Lastly, the Parent Mode allows parents to create and activate quizzes for their children.


The app really stands out due to its simplicity and minimalist design. The nice graphics and cute sounds make the experience more intuitive for the child. Plus, the basic blackboard-and-chalk setting is an interesting plot for adults and kids alike.

The Wrap

Basic spelling literacy is developed with the aid of the app’s word play, word building and sound recognition. SpellConnect’s use of familiar plot of connecting letters to form a word emphasizes learning through playing. This is a very nifty app for toddlers and early explorers.

Wednesday, August 27

Globe launches Project 1 Phone, the country's biggest mobile recycling program

Globe opens Project 1 Phone, the biggest mobile recycling program in the Philippines to create awareness on proper electronic waste (e-waste) disposal and help counter its harmful effects on health and the environment.
Improper disposal of e-waste such as non-working phones, batteries, and chargers is hazardous to health and the environment
The company expects its 45 million subscribers nationwide to support the campaign.  “Obsolete and discarded electronic and electrical devices which we call e-waste often end up in landfills and incinerators, causing toxic metals to be released into the air and seep into the ground and waterways. In fact, studies show that one single cadmium battery has the potential to pollute up to 600,000 liters of water if not disposed off properly,” said Yoly Crisanto, SVP, Globe Corporate Communications.

How to monitor your children or employees phone activities?

Several apps stores have been clouded with numerous tracking and privacy applications. These titles ranges from a simple password recording app into a profound device tracker. Of course, the industry accepts these ordeals since these apps offer a very intuitive monitoring for several concerns especially when it comes to safety. And when we say safety we mean the wellness of your family and loved ones, the effectiveness of your workers in the office and the prompt information that we can have when we are using a cellphone monitoring software.

So if you're a busy parent wanting to keep an eye on your child or if you’re a travelling employer who wanted to know the progress of your project, monitoring and tracking app is for you.


Ideally, the Cellphone Sleuth app is one of the best app trackers around. It has the best features that you can use on the phone’s background. The app simply allows you to track several information on your computer. And the best thing about this is that you’ll have a real time view in all these data.

With the app, you’ll have access to calls, location information, messages and browsing history. With these functions you’ll have the optimal parental care in your child’s phone. Likewise, you will also be capable of photo and video tracking, record conversations, app blocking and phonebook access if you’re tracking your spouse’s welfare.


The best token that CellPhone Sleuth could give you is security. And since it is a paid app, it runs without the hassle of advertisement - that means that the app doesn’t get users personal information for ad catering.
They have several plans for you to choose from depending on your needs – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Business. The company also offers phone data back and locate your phone once stolen using GPS.

Get the Cellphone Sleuth here

Tuesday, August 26

You can now pay your Google Play purchases with Globe direct billing

Globe now offers network-billing for over 1.3 million Google Play apps. From social networking, music streaming, down to booking a restaurant or securing that elusive parking spot, there is an app for anything you can think of. Be it a free app, a paid or premium one, the Google Play Store has everything for every type of mobile phone user.

Majority of Filipinos though have to stick with free apps to use, due to non-ownership of a credit card, one way to pay for premium apps on Google Play Store. According to the CIA Fact Book in 2013, only 4% of Filipinos own credit cards.

Monday, August 25

Cherry Mobile flashes Cosmos One in a new video

Local Electronic leader, Cherry Mobile is brewing another Cosmos smartphone in their labs. A video posted on their Facebook page suggests a new Cosmos device. The company flashes the device to be “The One” in front of a starry and meteor-filled background.

After seeing the video, the only thing that we could think of is another device of the Cosmos series which will probably be as named Cosmos One. Another point from the video is the new specified branding logo for the line. Check out the video below.

Saturday, August 23

Galaxy S5 does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, tags iPhone 5s, HTC One M8 and Lumia 930 afterwards

The rest of the world is taking part of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with A-listers in their respective craft making their own videos and posting it to social media. However, aside from the Tech leaders and celebrities, folks from Samsung Mobile UK made a witty snide over its top competitors by allowing the Galaxy S5 take the challenge.

Of course, it’s a no-brainer that the device could handle the task of the being immersed in water for thirty minutes with it being an IP67 certified device, thus it will survive the ice dunking without choking. What’s more interesting is to whom, I mean to what, did the Korean top of the line device passed-on the challenge.

The virtual voice assistant nominated the HTC One M8, the iPhone 5s and the Lumia 930. This sounded like an ingenious marketing stunt since, of the three, only the Galaxy S5 has the promise of extreme waterproofing. Check out the video below. 

Globe to block spam and scam messages with a new network filtering system

Globe is now in the testing stage of its network scam/spam blocking system. The system will filter unsolicited messages and would eventually protect the network’s subscribers from receiving unwanted text spam messages. This shows the company’s intent to advance its campaign against scam messages.

The telecommunications provider installedin its network an automated filtering mechanism which is now working to prevent transmittal of spam and scam messages to mobile devices of some of its postpaid customers.So far, more than 10,000 spam and scam messages have been blocked from the Globe network, said Joel Agustin, Globe Senior Vice President and Head of Service Management Division, Network Technical Group.

“We have just taken to the next level our campaign against annoying text spam and scam messages. We hope to include more and more postpaid customers in the filtering system in the coming days. Rest assured that our technical team will continue to design and develop mechanisms that will rid the network of such irritating messages for a more wonderful customer experience,” Agustin said. He stressed that the move is in step with the company’s network transformation initiative that so far delivered the most modernized telecommunications infrastructure in the country.

According to him, mobile numbers that are identified to be a constant source of spam and scam messages will be temporarily disconnected from service. This means that voice, SMS and data services will not be available to these numbers. Service restoration for such numbers will only be undertaken if the users contest the move and show proof they are not text spammers, he added.

The company recently reported that mobile numbers deactivated from Globe service surged this year amid intensified efforts of the mobile operator to combat unsolicited promotional materials sent as SMS messages.

As of April this year, Globe said it barred from its network more than 1,000 mobile numbers. This is 33% higher than the total mobile numbers blocked from the network for the whole of 2013. From January to April 2014, the number of blocked numbers due to reported spamming activities increased by an average of 450% from a year ago.

In June, Globe made it easier for customers to report such annoying messages. Specifically, the mobile operator has made available on a Globe web page a channel through which its customers can report text spams and text scams alike. Customers simply have to go to http://www.globe.com.ph/stopspam and provide all the details required. Numbers that are reported for the first time as the source of text spams are sent warnings.  If the same numbers are reported for the second time due to text spams, these are immediately blocked from the network.



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