5 types of travelers you’ll encounter in every summer trip

Summer’s officially here! As travel restrictions start to ease, we’re seeing more people planning their vacations in local and international destinations. And of course, digital natives won’t leave their homes without bringing their phones.

5 types of travelers you’ll encounter in every summer trip

Depending on what kind of traveler one is, phones can bring more entertainment to any getaway. They can take a multitude of photos and videos, catch up on shows while chilling by the beach, or even play mobile games with their buddies. 

One phone that can keep up with different travel personalities and activities is the vivo Y21T. Here’s how it can be used by 5 types of travelers:

For the #OOTD models

Summer is that time of the year where feeds are filled with swimsuit OOTDs. For people who love having their photos taken, it’s important for them to have a lightweight phone they can bring everywhere and has camera settings, like the Y21T’s Bokeh Flare Portrait Mode, that will make them look good. The latter blurs out unwanted background elements to make the subject stand out. 

vivo Y21T

For those who are just here for the view

Some travelers love to bask in the view and take photos so they can relive them later on their Instagram feed. With a 50MP rear camera and 8MP front camera, they can certainly capture sceneries in highly detailed quality, so their followers can live vicariously through their photos.

For the night owls

Nighttime activities can equally be exciting. There are travelers who are into camping and gathering around a bonfire, while others thrive in the local nightlife. Preserving memories in vibrant quality is top priority, so a camera feature like Super Night Mode can bring photos to life, even under dimly-lit conditions. 

It also comes in four filters (Black and Gold, Green Orange, Cyberpunk, and Blue Ice) to give night photos a different vibe each and every time.

For the indoorsy types

For those who prefer to chill in their hotels, they can entertain themselves by streaming their favorite shows or movies. With the Y21T, they can get vivid HD+ pictures with vibrant colors courtesy of the 96% NTSC Color Gamut. They will feel like they’re in another world even if they’re just lounging in bed.

For the traveling gamers

The grind doesn't stop for these people because “gaming is life” – even on vacations. For those who love battling it out with their friends, the Y21T is built with the Multi-Turbo 5.0 for performance and saves the phone from overheating. 

It also has an Ultra Game Mode that temporarily mutes background notifications, so players won’t get disturbed especially when they’re in the zone. This can also be a fun bonding activity that they can do in between itineraries.

With these reliable features and specs, the vivo Y21T is the perfect summer companion that brings more entertainment to travelers wherever they are in the world. Experience this turbocharged gaming phone with stunning cameras, now available on Lazada and Shopee.

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