Google Privacy Sandbox on Android intros new and more private advertising solutions

Google announced a multi-year initiative to build the Privacy Sandbox on Android, with the goal of introducing new, more private advertising solutions. Specifically, these solutions will limit sharing of user data with third parties and operate without cross-app identifiers, including advertising ID. Google is also exploring technologies that reduce the potential for covert data collection, including safer ways for apps to integrate with advertising SDKs.

Google Privacy Sandbox on Android intros new and more private advertising solutions

Google Privacy Sandbox on Android

The Privacy Sandbox on Android builds on Google’s existing efforts on the web, providing a clear path forward to improve user privacy without putting access to free content and services at risk.

Blunt approaches are proving ineffective

Other platforms have taken a different approach to ads privacy, bluntly restricting existing technologies used by developers and advertisers. Google believes that — without first providing a privacy-preserving alternative path — such approaches can be ineffective and lead to worse outcomes for user privacy and developer businesses.

Google’s goal with the Privacy Sandbox on Android is to develop effective and privacy enhancing advertising solutions, where users know their information is protected, and developers and businesses have the tools to succeed on mobile. 

While these new solutions are being designed, built, and tested, the company plans to support existing ads platform features for at least two years, and intends to provide substantial notice ahead of any future changes.

Working with the industry

Developers can now review Google’s initial design proposals and share feedback on the Android developer site. Developer previews are planned to be released including a beta release by the end of the year. Developers may also sign up here to receive updates on designs and timelines.

This initiative needs input from across the industry in order to succeed. Google has heard from many partners about their interest in working together to improve ads privacy on Android, and invite more organizations to participate.

“We’re also committed to working closely with regulators. We’ve offered public commitments for our Privacy Sandbox efforts on the web, including ensuring that we don’t give preferential treatment to Google's ads products or sites. We'll apply these principles to our Android work as well, and continue working with the U.K. Competition and Markets Authority, and others,” said Anthony Chavez, VP for Product Management, Android Security & Privacy at Google as quoted in a blog published on The Keyword.

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Chavez also said, “The Privacy Sandbox on Android is an important part of our mission to raise the bar for user privacy, while giving developers and businesses the tools they need to succeed on mobile. We look forward to working with the industry on this journey.”

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