The new PayMaya Verified Sellers Feature makes online shopping safer

To further boost the growth of e-commerce in the Philippines and protect customers from online scams, PayMaya introduced PayMaya Verified Sellers, a feature that makes transactions safer for both buyers and sellers using the PayMaya app.

The new PayMaya Verified Sellers Feature makes online shopping safer

Boosting Sellers' Credibility thru PayMaya Verified Sellers Feature

With this another first from PayMaya, legitimate and trustworthy sellers using the PayMaya wallet as the preferred mode of payment can get a special badge that marks them as PayMaya Verified Sellers.  

To get this special badge, PayMaya Verified Sellers will undergo another layer of screening to ensure that they are legitimate online businesses and are on good standing, on top of the standard registration and upgrade process for PayMaya app users. For sellers, this badge from PayMaya is a stamp of approval – a way to let consumers know that they are legitimate and trustworthy businesses that have passed the financial institution's rigorous background check.

Once verified, the badge will appear beside the seller's name that customers can easily spot right before they transfer their payments in-app.

PayMaya sees that this feature will boost consumer trust for online transactions and will serve as an added security against online scammers, a pain point currently experienced by sellers and buyers alike.  

Real-time transactions from the top-rated e-wallet 

On top of providing an added layer of protection for customers with the PayMaya Verified Sellers feature, PayMaya is also doubling down on enhancing its overall app experience to equip small business owners. 

By utilizing PayMaya as the payment method, sellers can track their transaction history in real-time – allowing them to instantly check the payments transferred to their account and not fall prey to bogus buyers sending fake transaction receipt screenshots. 

With PayMaya's 99.9% uptime rate, online sellers and buyers can be confident that transactions will go through, especially when they need it most. This high uptime rate and enhanced features have translated to a more reliable and smooth customer experience, making PayMaya the top-rated e-wallet in the Philippines for both Google Play and App Store.     

Flexible, inclusive payment methods  

On top of boosting sellers' credibility, PayMaya also provides the broadest payment acceptance options. Sellers can use their PayMaya QR codes, easy-to-use personal payment links, and money transfers via Smart Padala by PayMaya. 


Sellers utilizing PayMaya can seamlessly accept fund transfers from other PayMaya users and account holders of other financial institutions via their PayMaya QR, enabled by QR PH. To date, PayMaya is one of the few financial institutions that offer QR Ph person-to-person sending and acceptance as default features.   

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