OPPO Enco X and OPPO Band now officially available in the Philippines

OPPO Enco X and OPPO Band now officially available in the Philippines

Welcoming to the roster of promising IoT devices, the OPPO Enco X and OPPO Band are now officially available in the Philippines, and retails at PhP 6,999 and PhP1,699, respectively. 

The Right X For You: OPPO Enco X

Made in partnership with renowned Danish loudspeaker brand Dynaudio, the OPPO Enco X are wireless earphones powered by a one-of-a-kind acoustic system and acoustic structural design. The unique design around the OPPO Enco X allows it to reproduce the rich texture of music, while its noise-cancelling function works in almost any scenario to give users the peace and quiet they might need. 

OPPO Enco X now officially available in the Philippines

Additionally, it is built with Binaural Low-Latency Bluetooth Transmission, designed with strong interference scenarios in mind. It now features greater stability, system-level ultra-low latency optimization, and even stronger latency reduction. Enco X is equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 for a more advanced transmission protocol and made it more compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. 

#ActivateYourHealth With Your OPPO Band 

The OPPO Band is the latest addition to the brand’s wearable device line. Meant for fitness and health, it features a continuous blood oxygen monitoring function that works even when the user is asleep. While that feature is meant to detect arising health problems stemming from sleep and heart rate-related issues, the OPPO Band is also meant to help you #ActivateYourHealth and make your workouts easier. 

OPPO Band now officially available in the Philippines

With 12 workout models, it is ready to receive data on a user’s heart rate when they do a variety of exercises such as walking, cycling, swimming, running, yoga, and so much more. The data is then analyzed through the HeyTap Health app, which sends users notifications on their health and motivates them to continue staying fit. 

It also comes in a basic sports version and a style version, each making adjustments to allow for maximum comfort. Finally, the OPPO Band also works with user’s smartphones, allowing for messaging and call notifications, music playback, and even a feature that helps users find their phone.

The OPPO Enco X and OPPO Band in Black color variant are now available via e-commerce sites Shopee and Lazada, and in select OPPO concept and online stores. Meanwhile, the Band's Purple version will be released in May 2021.  

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