Globe Platinum spearheads tribute-giving to extraordinary acts during the pandemic

Globe Platinum Gives Tribute to Extraordinary Acts During Pandemic

Determination, skill, passion and hardwork - success comes in these factors. However, most of us do not realize that success also lies in knowing that there is a much bigger world out there. We have other lives to think about, to inspire, to encourage and to uplift more than we uplift ourselves.

Globe Platinum, the premiere postpaid brand, intros a brand new film dedicated to individuals who have remained driven throughout this pandemic. The video features the extraordinary lives that a coffee shop owner, a studio partner, and a professional photographer continue to redefine. The video runs over a minute, and these three vignettes become inspiring stories of leaders looking beyond themselves and making a lasting impact on the people around them.

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With this brand film, Globe Platinum's message is clear: It is ready to serve the evolving needs of extraordinary individuals, empowering them with the best services and perks to move themselves and others forward. Customers can expect the latest innovations in their network experience, customer service, and rewards system that adapts to the evolving needs of the changing times. Also, Globe Platinum is there with them as they continue making a difference in the lives of others.

Priority Connections

Globe's PLATINUM Plan is designed to give customers only the best service that Globe can offer. This includes being part of the Globe Priority Network powered by the latest 5G network; enjoying all the data they need here and abroad, as well as access to the latest flagship devices and premium content offers. While enjoying all of these, customers can also earn higher Globe Rewards points every month, which they can opt to donate for their preferred charities.

Dedicated Service

The PLATINUM plan also has its own digital assistant called Thea. This digital assistant is ready to serve more traffic and offers variety of recommendations to customers and assistance while at home. From virtual tours for travelers, meal delivery for foodies, and pharmacy assistance for delivery or pick-up, Thea can now let customers show support for frontliners battling this pandemic by arranging the orders and delivery of sweet treats, such as freshly baked cookies, doughnuts, pretzels, and milk tea from local businesses.

Exclusive Perks

Of course, there are tons of perks that you can get when you're a Globe PLATINUM member. Even when you're at home, customers will be delighted with virtual events and treats delivered directly in their doorstep. While enjoying these perks, Globe Platinum will donate on their behalf, World Vision kits so students in Baseco Compound Manila can continue their education at home.

Globe PLATINUM is a brand that's committed to recreating lives by allowing customers to enjoy new experience they deserve while sharing their purpose to uplift the people around them.
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