Rapoo intros 2020 Gaming Peripheral Line-up

Rapoo V outs another batch of affordable gaming peripherals for gamers. The Rapoo V line is popular with its highly efficient gaming devices without breaking the bank. To get us going, here are the latest models the company launched in the Philippines.

Rapoo Gaming Peripherals 2020

Rapoo VH300 Gaming Headset (Php 1,995)

The VH300 is a unique headset due to its detachable microphone arm. Its over-the ear design gives off a comfortable feeling to users with its soft earcups. This also serves as an active noise-isolating mechanism.

It’s also worth-noting that the headset supports Virtual 7.1 Channel sound.

Key Features:

Virtual 7.1 Channels Gaming Headset
Detachable microphone design
Noise-isolating over-ear design with soft and comfortable earcups
Detachable Microphone

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Rapoo VH510 (Php 1495)

The VH510 is the trimmed-down version of the VH300. However, it still features Virtual 7.1 Channels for better audio experience. Plus, the noise-isolating over-ear design of earcups is still present and is offers soft and comfortable feel to the ears.

Key Features:

Virtual 7.1 Channels Gaming Headset Product
Wired Port USB Port
Backlit RGB LED
Microphone mute function Ultra-strong and durable materials.
Noise-isolating over-ear design with soft and comfortable earcups.
Lightweight design with headband suspension system
Plug and play

Rapoo V20 Pro Gaming Mouse

The V20 Pro is an efficient gaming mouse which features ergonomic design to perfectly fit in your hand, In turn, this prevents unnecessary straining. It also provides comfortable grip that could give comfort for long time gaming.

The Rapoo V20 Pro has customizable buttons to which you can assign functions and macros. Plus, its on-board memory enables you to play and save without installing any software.

You can adjust 7 DPI values from 100 dpi to 8000 dpi to meet different screen accuracy requirements. Lastly, the the V20 Pro boasts the APM-lighting mode that reflects actions per minute with its lighting patterns.

Rapoo V560 Keyboard (Php 1,995)

When it comes to versatility, the Rapoo V560 is very ideal gaming keyboard. It uses mechanical key switches with metal cover, full keyboard suspension design, high-speed response, programmable keys, mix-colored backlight with adjustable brightness and conflict-free design for all keys.

The Rapoo V560 is also spill resistant with its IP68 rating. The V560 is also super affordable at an SRP of 1,995

The 4 new models will be available in Silicon Valley, Complink, PC Express Branches Joyo Marketing and Achiles Computer and CCTV. Other keyboard variants are the V500S Alloy, V500 Pro, V500RGB, V700 RGB

Rapoo VT200s optical gaming mouse

The VT200S is an IR optical gaming mouse which is ergonomically designed with 8 programmabe buttons. These are fully customizable depending on your needs of functions and macros.

It also has a built-in memory to save configurations such as macros, DPIs and breathing light mode in the game mode.
The VT200S also has an adjustable real-time DPI button which lets you adjust 7 DPI values 50 dpi to 16000 dpi. You can also adjust the dpi recurrently with an interval of 50 DPI to meet the accuracy of different screens.

On top of that, the Rapoo VT200s has an LED multi-color light system with 16 million colors. This feature also lets you customize the appearance of your mouse in many ways that suit your preferences. It also features the APM-lighting mode that reflects your actions per minute with light patterns.

Available now at PC Express for only 2,249 php

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