Capdase Roader Fast Wireless Charging Car Mounts now official

Are you tired of the cumbersome and dangling cables inside your car? Just like me, I want everything tidy inside my "comfort road machine." And Capdase got me covered with their newest In-Car solution, the Capdase Roader Fast Wireless Charging car mount. This new device uses the Qi charging standard which means that it is compatible to the latest top-of-the-line smartphones in the market to date.

Capdase Roader Fast Wireless Charging Car Mounts 

Capdase Roader Fast Wireless Charging Car Mounts

The Capdase Roader features a Security and Advanced Mounting System which offers quick and secure way to charge your smartphones and compatible devices inside your car. The Capdase Roader system comes with an easy-release mechanism that allows you to easily dock and lock your handset in the cradle. It is powered by the internationally-acclaimed standard of wireless charging technology and loaded with 2 built-in coils that delivers 5W, 7W or 10W of charging power levels. This wireless pad is compatible with Qi-enabled devices like the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, Galaxy S9/S9+ and Galaxy Note 8 to name a few.


The cradle is adjustable into different angles for optimum viewing while you're driving. It's also a feature that conventional wireless chargers don't have. The Capdase Roader has two variants - the Vent Type and the Flip Arm type.

Both features the Roader Holder or the cradle which comes with 3-sided surround holding. This is the part that houses the wireless charging transmitter. It holds the device steadily with quick release button. It's back features a swivel ball mechanism for rotating view.

Capdase Roader Fast Wireless Charging Car Mounts Vent Type

Vent Tripod

The Vent Type is defined by a vent tripod that packs a sturdy spring-loaded arm. It's legs can be easily adjusted to provide secure grip on your car's vent. It's compatible to either vertical or horizontal vent.

Flip Arm

The Flip Arm variant has flexible arm adjustment for optimum viewing. It's base  has a vacuum suction to provide stability. You can place it in your windshield or dashboard.

The Capdase Roader Fast Wireless Charging Car Mount is now available in Capdase Stores nationwide at Php 2980. Stay tuned for our unboxing and review.
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