How the ASUS ZenFone 4 Max Lite Helps Me Keep Up with my Demanding Techie Lifestyle

The Asus Zenfone 4 Max Lite promised better battery efficiency on top of being the best game-changing handset in its price standpoint. I have used the handset for quite a few weeks now, making it as one of my daily drivers in my busy lifestyle. 

Zenfone 4 Max Lite Lifestyle

Daily Driver for my Nine-to-Five Tasks

Professionally, I work as an engineer in a private electronics company. My Nine-to-Five job requires me to do more when it comes to beating deadlines, doing an extra mile in delivering outputs, and being organized in conferences with bosses that are halfway around the world. These can be mentally draining or should I say "battery draining" when we talk about smartphones.


On top of that, I also run a tech blog after working hours. Thus, having dependable devices always keep me on track. This is why the ASUS Zenfone 4 Max Lite is my ideal device, the one that keeps me productive despite my busy schedule.

Zenfone 4 Max Lite Lifestyle Office

The Asus Zenfone 4 Max Lite's long lasting battery is a breath of fresh air. Charging my phone while doing tasks isn't my thing, the handset's efficient battery management keeps me going. I answer emails on-the-go and do quick snaps for presentations. Appointment management is also a breeze, since I use Google Calendar in appointments, all I have to do is sync my stuff from my laptop to my phone.

Dependable Companion for my On-the-Go Weekends

I love going out on weekends. I am very much dependent on my smartphone whether I’m on the bustling metropolis or in the laid-back suburbs. With the ZenFone 4 Max Lite’s 5.2-inch HD display, I could definitely navigate new places with ease using my Google Maps. On top of that, commuting would be less painful with streaming apps on the handset’s HD display.

Zenfone 4 Max Lite Lifestyle Apps Lifestyle

Plus, doing mobile games are also enjoyable with the smartphone's capable internals. Moreover, I don’t have to limit my gaming time since I am confident that the 4100 mAh battery will last longer miles than my travel time. But, in any case that I need to conserve the battery, the ASUS PowerMaster suite will always keep me covered. It activates the Super Saving Mode; in turn, it preserves the phone’s battery until I charge it again.

Zenfone 4 Max Lite Lifestyle Camera

Get the best view with the ZenFone 4 Max Lite’s dual camera

One of the best features that I love with the ASUS ZenFone 4 Max Lite is the dual-lens camera set-up. The 13MP + 5MP rear camera features wide-angle lens that capture more scenery. It’s very dependable in framing more scene in landscape photography. Plus, when I'm having a get-together dinner or trying to capture the crowd in a party, I'm confident that no one will get “cropped-out” in the picture.

On top of that, the handset’s 8.8-mm body definitely feels great on the hands. It’s not too thin, yet not too thick. I can just slide it in my jacket when I'm out for an event; or zip it inside my trainers when I'm in the gym. Plus, it’s also great to carry around with its faux-metal design…it definitely catches attention when seen on the wild.

Zenfone 4 Max Lite Lifestyle Outdoors

I always want to be mobile and productive at the same time. With the ASUS ZenFone 4 Max Lite, I could be both with less hassle. I always finish my day in a high note, thanks to the help of a dependable device. Its long-lasting power, great camera, and useful ZenUI 4.0 apps could definitely do greater things in my own pace.

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