Capdase Fuze II Soft Jacket Case for Samsung Galaxy Note8 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is one of the best Android workers this year. The handset crunches powerful hardware and stunning design that the company has perfected since the release of the first ever Galaxy Note. We expect a premium performance infused with the best hardwate design in a smartphone and we also expect a price tag of greater proportions. Thus, most of us will invest in a case right after our big purchase.

Capdase Fuze II Soft Jacket Case for Galaxy Note8

Good thing Capdase is ahead of the game. The premium case-maker already intros the Fuze II Soft Jacket Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note8. Let's take a closer look.


Just like any other Fuze variant, the Fuze II Soft Jacket for Samsung Galaxy Note8 is a stunner. It comes with "unibody” design which highlights the 3D Cutting patterns at the back plate and the skids on the lateral sides of the case. The design is very similar to the Fuse II for the Galaxy S8/S8+, the soft jacket for Note8 is geared up with impact resistance skids on the four corners of the case. These corners are the weakest parts of the Galaxy Note8 so it's basically a breath of fresh air having these skids installed in the corners.

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The case is surprisingly slim even though it's layered with protective mechanisms. The side offers a matte feel while the back panel is straight-up plastic. This opposes the "unibody" moniker on the case's packaging. But all in all, the case is sturdy, approaching seamless design philosophy.


The Fuze II Soft Jacket Case for Samsung Galaxy Note8 comes with perfect compatibility to the handset. Ports and buttons are perfectly laid out.  Likewise, button placements are very clickable. I love how these buttons melt upon each presses. 

The case is definitely easy to install and release. This feature works for me very well since I love to flash the natural beauty of my handset once in a while.

Optimum Protection

Despite its slim nature, the Capdase Fuze II Soft Jacket Case for Samsung Galaxy Note8 offers optimum protection to your handset. It is designed to provide a perfect pairing of style and functionality for your hard-earned possession. Just like any other Fuze II case, it comes with dust and scratch protection for you Galaxy Note8.

The Wrap

The Fuze II is one of the bestselling case for the previously released Galaxy S8/S8+, thus it is expected to capture the nods of the purported Note8 users. It's tough but it does not sacrifices craftsmanship and design. For a price of Php 980, it's definitely a good investment which adds another layer of protection to your handset. Capdase knows what your premium device needs - premium case that adds value to your Galaxy Note8.
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