Sembrandt SB750 Soundbar Review: Value-for-Money Epic Entertainment

With the advent of svelte TVs, our entertainment system has never been the same. All the peripheral devices in our entertainment hubs are becoming sleeker on top of providing high fidelity audio. The Sembrandt SB750 is one of the best in it's class. Coming from the affordable section, it's one of those brands that gives great value for our money's worth.

Sembrandt SB750 Soundbar Review

Sembrandt SB750 Soundbar Review

The Sembrandt SB750 is engineered with Epic Surround Experience which we will talk about in this in-depth review.


The Sembrandt SB750 soundbar registers as a svelte device in it's price standpoint. It is a black 32-inch triangular bar which is void of all buttons when looking at it up front. The plate of buttons are located in the right side of the device, these include all the regular buttons you'll need to operate the device. The right portion also comes with an LED indicator which flashes different color hues depending on the state of the  device. It's definitely stylish in it's own right.

Sembrandt SB750 Soundbar Review


We have tested the Sembrandt SB750 in different modes with varied type of titles. The 40W output power is ideal for audiophiles. With the SB750 having this output power, it punches a clear seperation among lows, mids and highs.

Watching Logan seems to be very impressive due to the fact that the SB750 is great when it comes to clarity of dialogues and voices. It is also very evident that the soundbar pitches above other soundbars that we have tried in terms of sharpness and bass. Bass response is above average when we tried to play music videos. The mids are also in good quality as well as the trebles. Likewise, the subwoofer is very generous enough to give a noticeable depth. Check our Movie Mode Video and Sound Sample below:

I could definitely tell that the Sembrandt SB750 has a well-balanced volume. I also noticed that the dialogues are still clear amidst heavy infusion of sound effects. Most of the titles that we played with the SB750 took advantage of the the soundbar's above average performance. Playing Despacito by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Beiber gives raunchy beats which are very prominent throughout the song. Bass is very clear but not to the point that it's overpowering. It hits the right spot in the sound spectrum. Check out our Music Mode with Epic Surround Sound below:

In higher frequencies, the Sembrandt SB750 gives an average performance compared to the other soundbars we've tried. Sharp details are noticeable but there are times that I groped to feel it in my ears.


The Sembrandt SB750 is a 2.1-channel soundbar which is capable of giving enough surround experience. I am not at awe on the entire surround. It tends to isolate other parts of the room wherein the center gets the most optimum experience.

Sembrandt SB750 Soundbar Review

Ports and Connectivity

What I like about this Sembrandt soundbar is the fact that it is very generous in terms of connectivity. It's a breath of fresh air to know that it comes with a Bluetooth connectivity on top of the Aux. It can also be installed conveniently whether you want it paired with your LED TVs or any other table top devices like smartphones and consoles. It could also be wall mounted due to the included wall bracket. Plus, it is compatible with standard audio devices due to its 3.5-mm audio jack.

Sembrandt SB750 Soundbar Review

There's no HDMI port here, so those who wanted to go the digital audio route will have to pass. There's also no WiFi connectivity.


The Sembrandt SB750 also includes a remote out of the box. It is very light to the point that it could be insubstantial. However, the remote functions the way it is supposed to be. Buttons are clickable enough to crank the volume up and down.

Verdict: Should You Buy The Sembrandt SB750 Soundbar?

The best thing about the Sembrandt SB750 is the fact that it's very affordable compared to the value it gives in your living room. For Php 3500 to Php 5000 price range, it's definitely a steal buy. Bass response is very crisp which is very essential in watching movies and listening to songs. If you're in the market for a great soundbar without breaking the bank, this one's for you.

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