Apple Watch Series 2 now official with Pokemon Go, GPS and swim-proof body: Price, Features, Availability

Apple Watch Series 2 becomes official as it shares the stage with the iPhone 7 in last night's Apple Special Event. The unveiling of the world's best selling smartwatch came as a surprise as we all believe that the fruit company is exclusively giving all the spotlight to its latest and greatest handset. But the second iteration of the Apple Watch is here, 18 months after it debuted in the wearable scene. Let's start the ball rolling, we got a lot to talk about.

The Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series 2 Price Philippines

Apple Watch Series 2 runs Pokemon Go


First and foremost, it'll run Pokemon Go! Your favorite app will have its Apple Watch version wherein you can collect items in Pokestops and count your burned calories while looking for Pokemons nearby. There's a catch though, you can't catch a Pokemon on the Watch. This means that you need to get your phone to actually throw a Pokeball. 

Apple Watch Series 2 Pokemon Go

However, I see the Apple Watch Series 2 to be a convenient device when hatching eggs.

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Design: Swim-proof metal

At first glance, there's no denying the fact that the Apple Watch Series 2 comes with the same design philosophy as its predecessor. Most of the alterations were made internally to give rise to several capabilities of a 2016 smartwatch. Build and color options are still the same; however you need to count 24K gold out and add the Ceramic variant to the list. The ceramic material is said to be four times tougher than metal.

Likewise, the speaker also serves as the flushing mechanism for the collected water inside the Apple Watch Series 2's body.

Apple Watch Series 2 Price Specs Availability

One of the biggest advancements of the Apple Watch 2 is the fact that it is waterproof. Apple even marketed the wearable for swimmers setting the bar up to 50 meters in terms of depth tolerance. This means that you can bring the new Apple Watch 50 meters below the water surface.


The Apple Watch Series 2 comes with a SiP module which houses a dual-core S2 processor. The new worker is 50 percent faster than the original Watch. In terms of GPU performance, the Series 2 is twice as fast.


Apple also claims that the Watch Series 2's display is the brightest among all of its mobile devices - it has 1000 nits. For the uninitiated, a Nit is a measure of light emitted in a certain area. Compared to the original Apple Watch, it's 2X brighter.


This time around, Apple opted to include a GPS chip under the hood. This would allow users to map locations independently from a smartwatch. Likewise, the Watch 2 can store your GPS data locally. This feature will allow you to use GPS instantaneously anytime you wanted to, say, have a jog. In contrast, other devices might load GPS services for a considerable amount of time.

However, the company snubs the inclusion of cellular connectivity. This means that you cannot answer calls or text during your workouts.

Battery and watchOS 3

If you have no issue in charging your device every night, then Apple Watch Series 2 is just right for you. The decision to drop the cellular connectivity is to give the wrist computer better power efficiency. The Watch 2's battery capacity may be similar to its older brother. However, the watchOS 3 offers a lot in the table in terms of conserving power. Speaking of watchOS 3, you can now change watch faces instantly by swiping from edge to edge of the device. I also love the Breathe app which guide you to have quick breathing exercises.

Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+


The aluminum variant still falls in the entry-level department with an asking price of USD 369 for 38mm and USD 399 for 42mm. Meanwhile, the stainless steel version is the mid-range wearable which will cost you USD 549 and USD 599 for 38mm and 42mm, respectively.

Apple did not list the 24K gold-plated version; this means the Ceramic model replaces it on the premium market. It has a price tag of USD 1249 for 38mm and USD 1299 for 42mm.

Apple Watch Hermes Series 2

Likewise, Apple also introduces the Hermes edition bands with the Watch 2. Bands include Single Tour, Double Tour, Single Tour Deployment Buckle and Double Buckle Cuff.

The Watch Hermes also comes in two sizes 38 mm and 42 mm. The 38 mm Single Tour is priced at USD 1149 while the 42 mm Single Tour is USD 1199. The 38 mm Double Tour comes with USD 1299 price tag and the 42 mm Single Tour Deployment Buckle is yours at USD 1399. There's also a 38 mm Double Buckle Cuff for $1499.

Apple Watch Nike+ Series 2

Lastly, runners will also be delighted with the Apple Watch Nike+ which sports different color bands: Black/Volt, Black/Cool Gray, Flat Silver/White and Flat Silver/Volt. Watch Nike+ prices start at USD 369 for 38mm and USD 399 for 42mm.


Unlike the original Apple Watch which has been made available months after its announcement, Apple Watch Series 2 will be in pre-order status two days after its introduction. Yes, you can pre-order on September 9 with deliveries expected to begin at September 16. 

The following countries will be the first to get the Apple Watch Series 2: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UAE, the UK and USA.

On the other hand, Apple Watch Hermes will be available starting September 23 while the Apple Watch Nike+ will hit the shelves late October. 

If we are to consider Apple's launching history, Apple Watch Series 2 might be released in the Philippines alongside the iPhone 7 on late October or early November.
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