O+ Venti LTE Specs Review: 6-incher LTE smartphone for phablet-lovers

Just like what we have expected, the O+ Venti LTE debuts with the most sought-after features needed in a handset. With phablets coming a long way in the smartphone pile, O+ might score another hit with the O+ Venti LTE. 

Many of us carry tablets with a small smartphone as companions to our everyday lives; but the tide is changing, everyone is trying to jump into the "phablet-user" bandwagon. That's having one device instead of two without compromising the valued feature set.

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O+ Venti LTE now official: 6-inch LTE smartphone

The O+ Venti LTE exudes greatness when it comes to its 6-inch display size. If you're a coffee lover, you'll get the kind of positioning the company is trying to do with this new phone. Plus, there's also the LTE connectivity which will give you the assurance of fast mobile internet. With these two in mind, the O+ Venti LTE has a bigger shot in clinching a longer life cycle in the smartphone world like its distant cousin, the O+ Ultra.

Under the hood, there's the quad-core processor capped at 1.3 GHz. We haven't had a real-use perspective of the smartphone; but it seems like a smartphone that could deliver in terms of keeping up with your daily tasks. It comes with 1GB of RAM for faster app launching and multitasking activities. The native 8GB storage will give you an ample room for all your multimedia files. And if this is not enough, O+ USA is bundling a 32GB memory card out of the box.

O+ Venti LTE Specs Review: 6-incher LTE smartphone for phablet-lovers

For its display, the O+ Venti LTE is blessed with a 6-inch qHD (quarter HD) panel. It should not be confused with QHD (quad HD) which is found in most of the flagship phones nowadays. However, the screen real estate could be a treat in watching movies and playing games. Meanwhile, the handset's 8-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel selfie shooter could at least give you decent shots for your social media photos and selfies. 

The 6-inch display and LTE combination may be great for multimedia consumption but it could also be a sting in the smartphone's battery life. Nonetheless, O+ Venti LTE is packed with 3000 mAh battery making it more power efficient than other phablets in the market.

Hard-To-Miss Features:

1. 4G/LTE
2. 6-inch screen for phablet lovers
3. 32GB microSD card bundle
4. Rose Gold color option
5. Very practical Php 6,395 price

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