Samsung Smartphone and Tablet Accessories Like and Win Promo by Aerophone Cebu

Our Samsung smartphone and tablet accessories giveaway from Aerophone Cebu is still running! For those of you who hasn't joined yet, this is your chance to win premium Samsung accessories! And just like what we've been doing in the past, we have made winning very easy for you!

Update [June 1]: WEEK 9 of Accessory Giveaway! Same mechanics!

Update [May 25]: WEEK 8 is now rolling! Join Now!  

Update [May 11]: Week 7 of our Giveaway is now open!

Update [April 28]: We are now on our Week 6 of Samsung Smartphone and Tablet Accessory Giveaway! JOIN NOW!

Aerophone Cebu Samsung Smartphone and Tablet Accessories Giveaway Promo

How to WIN Samsung smartphone and tablet accessories?

Basically all you have to do is LIKE Aerophone Cebu’s Facebook page and message them your desired accessory from the list provided. Here’s the list of our Samsung smartphone and tablet accessories:

·         Galaxy Note 8 (N5100) Book Cover
·         Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 (P5210) Book Cover
·         Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 (T310) Book Cover
·         Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (T200, T210) Book Cover
·         Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 (T320) Book Cover
·         Galaxy S3 Mini (i8190) Flip Cover
·         Galaxy Core (i8262) Flip Cover
·         Galaxy Win (i8552) Flip Cover
·         Galaxy Mega 5.8 (i9152) Flip Cover
·         Galaxy S4 (i9505) Flip Cover
·         Galaxy Note 3 (N9005) Flip Wallet Cover
·         Galaxy S4 Active (i9295) Protective Case
·         Galaxy Samsung Universal NFC TecTiles (NFC Tags)

You can also refer to our step-by-step procedure on how to win.

Step 2: Click the Message Button

Step 3: Tell them what accessory you want to have.

Winning is very easy! Our Samsung smartphone and tablet accessories giveaway is powered by Aerophone Cebu. Hundreds of accessories are at stake so join now!
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