Samsung Galaxy S5 missed expectations, sold 4-million less units compared to Galaxy S4

Samsung may have maintained its status as the biggest smartphone maker in the planet but the quarterly sales shows a weaker performance as compared to last year’s results. The Samsung Galaxy S5 missed expectations and reportedly fell 4 Million short compared to last year’s Galaxy S4 for the same period covered this year.

Since expectations are set on high bars, it is believed that close to 20% more units of Galaxy S5 were manufactured compared to the Galaxy S4. Thus, there will be more unsold devices that will be left lying in the warehouses.

Samsung may have garnered increased sales in the US market but it suffered a massive 50% drop in China compared to last year’s Galaxy S4 sales. The Korean Giant could have been too confident with its targets despite fiercer competition this year with Apple’s bigger smartphone duo the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus receiving overwhelming sales.

Other popular players like the LG G3 and HTC One M8 are also getting a good following with their powerful hardware and beautiful design. Likewise, Xiaomi’s unexpected surge of sales in the world’s biggest marketplace, China, also contributed to the Samsung’s sloppy performance this year.

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