VIATUN 4 VPN App for Android Review: The fast front-runner

There have been a considerable amount of users who would opt to set-up their own Virtual Private Network (VPN) for some essential reasons. To name a few, one is to gain access to restricted and blocked websites, second is to safeguard their identity by concealing their IP addresses and last is to establish a safe WiFi connection. But there have been gazillion of apps in the Google Play Store to choose from, and most of them underwhelms.

User Interface
And in the light of searching for a suitable app, I have found the Viatun 4 VPN app. Unlike any other applications, the interface of this app is ingeniously formatted to suit every user’s eyes. Being a first time user, I find myself at ease in navigating the entire app. I could tell that the design of the app was intricately made and it’s way better than any other app around.

Usage and Strengths
In simple terms, the app itself is for providing users a palatable, safe and secure VPN network in any compatible Android device. And to my delight, I could tell that the developers of this app had solemnly crafted a nice app that’s free of bugs and other unpleasant stuff. Setting up or getting started in the app is just a walk in the park. Likewise, the overall layout and design impress me more. The app is also the best option for bypassing restrictions and using VOIP.
One good thing I liked about the app is that I haven’t experienced connection interruption while I’m using it. And I have accessed a lot of sites that were once restricted by my internet provider without having the fear of infested by malwares. Yes, it has a built-in anti-virus too.
Certainly, this is the fastest VPN app I’ve tried so far.
The Wrap
The VIATUN 4 VPN is one heck of a steal. It’s fast and reliable in all of our VPN needs. User interface is also a front-runner compared to any other apps. It’s safe to say that it is one of the most secure VPN app around.

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