Microsoft releases Windows Phone 8: Essential features that we ought to know

The last days of October are staggering dates for tech-lovers due to the downpour of the Nexus devices. But what is not known to many is that it was really a Windows Phone 8 time afterall. The Microsoft’s latest revamped on their mobile operating system took spotlight as it officially announced what Windows Phone 8 has in store for us. So let’s not wait any longer and dig into the features of the famous operating system.

Multiple Accounts (Kids Corner and Guest Account)

Just like what you have in your desktop, the Windows Phone 8 allows you to have multiple users in your device.  The Kids corner allows you to monitor the apps and contents that you want your kids or users to see. Ofcourse, you can always have the option to disable it but then again it is a good feature for those who badly need it…like me.

Data Sense

This feature allows you to monitor you data consumption so that you won’t exceed your planned data usage. I must admit that I’ve been bill-shocked several times, so this feature is a welcome feature. Plus, Data Sense compresses web pages for minimal data consumption and it’ll also look for the nearest WiFi connection continuously.

People Hub and Rooms

People Hub updates you to the latest contacts that you have interacted with. Likewise, a People Hub sub-category called Rooms is an organized group of contacts that could interact with each other. They could also share content, photos, etc, once in the Room.

Live Apps

One of the trademark features of Windows Phone 8 is the live widgets in the start screen. Thus, the inclusion of essential apps like headlines, weather and flight schedules is a great way to manage app content without opening the app itself. You can always resize apps basing on your priorities.

The Market Place

Currently, Windows Phone ecosystem has 120,000 app and “counting.” The Redmond-based company promises more essential apps like Temple Run, Angry Birds Star Wars, etc. In due time, it is possible for Microsoft to go near the numbers of apps in the Apps Store and Google Play Store.

Front runners in the new Windows Phone 8 are Nokia, HTC and Samsung. Their respective Windows Phone 8 releases will be this weekend, starting in the UK and will be rolled out in different regions.

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