Samsung to release touchwiz-ed Galaxy Player 5.8

I love Samsung Galaxy products but until now I’m not really convinced with the Samsung Galaxy Player line. It makes me wonder how much market they have for these devices that they keep on releasing more versions, the latest is the bigger 5.8 version.

The Korean giant is bold enough to release “media players” that ranges from 4.2 to 5-inches, but (like they always say) bigger form factor is better - so the Galaxy Player 5.8 came about. Obviously screen size goes with the name itself with 960 x 540 resolution; it could even dwarven the Galaxy S III. This device has been said to offer everything we would want to expect. But judging from the size of it, I would consider it into the tablet department.

Clear specs are the microSD slot for expandable storage with 16GB and 32GB internal offering, a front-facing VGA camera and a hardcore 2500mAh battery. There are no reports about the CPU as of the moment but it’s sure that it’ll have Ice Cream Sandwich and Touchwiz for your software needs.

We can never question Samsung’s strategy in dealing with tablets and smartphones. It even surprised everyone when it gathered a big market for the Galaxy Note. But this player will only have its physical size as its sheer selling point (obviously, my opinion is my own).
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