iOS 6 becomes official for beta release: comes with Upgraded Siri, Facebook Integration and turn-by-turn Maps Service

It started with this quote, “iOS 6: The world’s most advanced mobile Operating System,” and the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Congress laid it all for the world to see. The announcement of the Apple’s latest mobile platform for its iDevices touts its key-features with the Siri update, Facebook integration and its Maps service that sports a built-in turn by turn navigation. Apple claimed to have 200-plus new features that will come in iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 2nd Generation iPad, 3rd Generation iPad and 4th Generation iPod Touch.

Siri gets bumped

Siri got quite of a stage time in the event. This Apple’s personal virtual-assistant is now able to pull-up apps (speak the name of an App and it will open), it can also fetch data about sports (with scores and statistics), movies, people and even read your notifications. Apple also doing a little invasion in the automotive industry as it is now working with car manufacturer’s to put a dedicated Siri-button in the cars’ interface in the “next 12 months.” Siri also learns new languages – Canadian English, Spanish (Spain, Mexico), Italian, Korean, Cantonese and Chinese.

Facebook Integration

After Twitter got in iOS 5, it’s now Facebook’s turn to get guyed throughout the iOS platform with complete Android-like contact integration (where regular contacts are connected to their Facebook profiles) and supported FB messaging. Notification Center has been tweaked with Update Twitter and Update Facebook Status through its “Tap to Post” keys. What’s even more delightful is that your friends’ birthday will be auto-magically integrated to your calendar.

Phone: Reply with a Message and Do Not Disturb Features

                As the name implies, Reply with a Message feature can be used when you’re not able to answer a call. Incoming call screen has will have a new button allowing to mute the call and post a reminder to call it later. On the otherhand, the Do Not Disturb mode could mute all notifications, incoming calls, and prevents screen from lighting up in times of sleep or work. You can schedule this feature in anytime that you want. However, this feature will not totally shut you out in the world. It can allow messages from your favorite contacts/groups that you have previously set and repeating calls.

FaceTime and Safari Enhancements

                FaceTime can now be activated using cellular networks (not just WiFi). And what’s most important is the part your Apple ID and iMessage ID are now unified to your phone numbers (if someone contacts you, you can receive it in any of your iDevices). Your resident browser, Safari, will now have an iCloud Tab which will be synched in your desktop Safari. It will also offer an offline reading mode (just like the one that you have in your popular third party apps) and you can upload photos from Safari to Facebook, Twitter and Picasa, etc.

Photo Stream and Mails

                You can now have you photos in Photo Stream “shared”. Shared Photo Stream lets you select contacts and enable them to view your photos and place comments. You can also mark your contact as VIP so that all the mails received from your VIPs will be highlighted. Videos and Photos can now be inserted in inline messages and there is an overdue yet new pull-to-refresh feature.


                This is a new pre-installed app in the platform, the Passbook. It will be “simplest way to get all you passes in one place,” anything that has barcode or QR codes (boarding passes, reward, coupons, movie tickets, etc) can be neatly organized in this app.


                Apple has ditched Google Maps in place of its new Maps service. Maps support 3D and Satellite view with Apple claiming that it had inserted 100 million businesses listing already. iPhone 4S and the New iPad will have a turn-by-turn navigation (works even on lockscreen). Plus, the Siri integration will serve this app right. The Flyover, 3D model, is included in the Maps App which has 3D model of cities around the world.

                Other tweaks are Lost Mode which sends a number to your phone in order for the finder to call you back. Guided Access in Accessibility allows users to selectively disable certain part of the apps and / or hardware buttons. Enhancement in voiceover and dictionaries has also been noted and better camera HDR.

                This iOS 6 release is just for beta users as of today, the final release will have to be in fall when all the new iGadget/s arrive. Anyone who could define excitement better than we do could hit the comment box belox.

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