TRIO 20, Call and Text to Smart, Sun and Talk 'n Text

Smart and Sun tandem gives another shot to post-merger deal as they unveil the Trio 20 for prepaid subscribers. This promo succeeds the Smart-Sun dual-plan 549 which has been receiving a fair impact on consumers. Trio 20 allows you to call and text in three different PLDT-owned networks: Smart, Talk ‘n Text and the recently acquired Sun Cellular.
Enjoy 200 texts and a total of 15-minute voice calls in the three networks for just Php 20. You just have to register first by keying in TRIO20 to 247 whether you are a Sun Cellular, Smart or Talk ‘n Text subscriber - all valid in one day.
And if we were Globe Telecoms, we wouldn’t bother with this one. We could just improve our SuperUnliAllTxt settings or they could just create a whole new promo to match this (more free calls?). But for us consumers this promo could be bitter-sweet, granting that we could enjoy the benefits of this merger, but we would never knew that all of these are just sugar-coated prefaces of this giant duopoly. We are just hoping for a brand new Telco to pop out in the market, Lopez-owned BayanTel could be our saving grace. What do you think?

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