Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc HD breaks into the public once again

Live shots of the newest flagship Droid device of Sony Ericsson, the SE Xperia Arc HD, had broke loose again. This time confirming monster specs such as 1.5GHz clocking speed and a 12 MP rear shooter.

Aside from it being a 4.3-incher, it will also sport a 720 pixel screen for your visual indulgence. A 1 GB of RAM and an expandable 32 GB storage would suffice every Android fanatic out there. This smartphone has been tagged as Nozomi is packed with dual-core CPU and a sounding 1750 mAh battery.
Reports have it that this device will break into the mainstream on January 2012. And we think that all of the other phones in the dual-core department are having chills with this new intake. 

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