Samsung Galaxy Note is due November 15

Samsung Galaxy Note, a 5.3-incher HD Super AMOLED display smartphone from Samsung, is set to hit the Philippine market by storm in November 15th. It is the world’s first largest and highest quality display to date in a phone.

                There are no clear price yet but we are expecting a price range of Php 30-35K by this 1.4 GHz device and will probably be in the line-up of Globe postpaid phones. Samsung has tagged this device as the missing link between a Smartphone and a tablet; which would probably be having an identity crisis. However, it has been clear enough that it is definitely a smartphone.

                A decent reason that I would cost above the 30K line is that fact that Samsung’s flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy SII is sold for Php 29,990. So I guess this would be a tight competition between everyone’s favorite, the iPhone 4S, and the Galaxy Note.

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