PinoyMetroGeek (PMG) redefines the term “Geek” as the intellectual technology and computer fanatic, whom we considered as the not-so-cool stereotype of a human being among us. But with the advent of mobile and cellular age, these Geeks have risen from the ashes of self-preservation and psychological bullying to become the hottest, if not the coolest, among the crowd. All of these are due to the fact that the world is embracing the geek culture.

PMG has localized the version of this geek culture as it brings all of the latest trends in technology and travel. This site will cater most of your cravings for the Apple brand, in the same way that it’ll bring the spotlight on the Android gadgets, RIM devices, Meego, Tizen, Symbian and more. Current events, entertainment, social media and business will on our radar. Plus, we will also feature Philippines as center of tourism and technology by giving you updates on travel promos and hottest destinations all over the country.

PMG webmaster, Cesar Ian Fuentes, is a registered Electronics Engineer, who finds passion for travel, gadgets and music. Presently, he is working in an Engineering Firm in the Philippines as a PCB Design Engineer. He is also a self confessed gamer and still has accounts for MMORPG games and DOTA. Aside from being a technical person, PMG was an Editor-in-Chief of a local state university student publication before he graduated as an Electronics and Communications Engineer. He is truly a hardcore journalist and writer by heart.

PMG has insiders in different Telecom companies and gadgets manufacturer in the Philippines. Aside from that, there are also contributors from different local cellshops, computer shops and accessories who opted not to be named.

For inquiries, contact PMG at [email protected]
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