iPad 3 Feature Breakdowns

This is the possible features of the new iPad 3:
The New Retina Display
When iPad 2 was release, consumers were excited of the possible improvement in displays but that was a disappointment to discover that the screen were like the old one. This Retina Display was used in iPhone 4 with impressive pixel density of 326 ppi compared to the old 132ppi.
SD Card Slot
It doesn’t take a genius to know that iPad fans have been bringing on this issue eversince the release of the first generation. So, this time, Apple had invested in this next model’s expandability.
Apple manages to realize after several years that it’s not wise enough to insist the use Firewire as the connector of choice. So it is expected that this model will have atleast a port for USB connectivity.
This might not be a hell of an issue for the majority of the people unless you have loads of DLNA pieces to stream your content to. Well the very concern for this one is atleast you have a choice on which products you can stream to. No the ones endorsed by Apple.
Camera Flash and HDMI
Camera issues of from the first generation had been solved by iPad 2. Maybe, apple will bulge into putting a flash function in the camera. HDMI in iPad 2 is only compatible with Apple Digital TV Adapter, the new version will offer proper HDMI port to hook the device to HD TVs.
iOS 5
Eventhough iPad 2 was introduced with iOS 4.3, what consumer wants is a dynamic operating system like iOS 5. This operating system could offer more multitasking functions than the previous version.
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