If you love blogging, there’s a thin line between being a hobbyist and a professional. Passion - that what drives everyone in the blogging world to excel in what they do. It's the same thing that I had when I started roughly five years ago. It’s still passion that has been driving this hobby right at this moment. But I want to shut it down. 

In 2011, I started a Hobby

The blog started as a personal tech site which gathered attention from Philippine tech blogosphere and yet I stayed grounded for the first three years of the blog’s existence. In the course of five years, the blog made milestones – awarded a Google Adsense account in my third month, bought my domain on the first year and eventually started ranking in search engines.

I have made my first public appearance as a blogger in 2014, exactly three years when I started blogging, in one of the local smartphone company’s product launching in Manila. At that time, I realized that my tech blog could make it big in tech journalism.

In 2014, I shared my hobby to the community

It is also the same year that I entered Cebu blogging scene, became a member of Cebu Blogging Community and attended local events. In 2015, I changed my perspective about blogging and tried to do serious efforts in using the blog’s potential. I made it far; 2015 was a big year for – it was nominated in national blogging scene, listed in the Top 10 Tech Blogs of a consumer’s website, won Best Cebu Technology blog.

There have been many wonderful things that happened with the blog and most of my readers think that I’m dead-serious when it comes to blogging, that I’m doing it 24/7, that I’m a ProBlogger. I’m not, for now.

In 2016, I’ll shut down my Hobby

At this standpoint, I have realized many things. If I wanted to be a Professional Blogger, I need to literally change the way I see blogging. I need to shut down the hobby.

I’ll shut down the generalist approach in blogging. This time I wanted to be a specialist in helping people find the gadgets that they need.

I’ll shut down the thought that a blog is made to inform. My blog is made to teach.

I’ll shut down the idea that blogs are all about traffic. Engagement is now the priority.

I’ll shut down the barrier between the blog and its followers to make a better community of tech enthusiasts.

I’ll shut down the idea that my blog is just a blog. It’s my business, and it’s my brand.

Today, we are bloggers; and we have a choice if we will be the same kind of blogger tomorrow. That’s why I’m shutting all systems down today and rebooting to Pro version tomorrow.

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