Google will encapsulate an iBeacon-like feature called Nearby. The search giant is most likely to announce this service on the forthcoming Google I/O 2014. Nearby will harness the lucrative market of having our smartphones interact with similar devices and push location-based targeted messages in a smart fashion.

What is Nearby?

This technology works similarly with Apple's iBeacon. It will enhance your Smartphone’s functionality by giving you more accurate location information of what is "nearby". The process involves continuously turning on your microphone, WiFi and Bluetooth in order for it to be used by Google services. In return, it will allow you to connect and interact with similar devices and do things like unlocking Chromebook, getting reminders or pushing notifications when a pre-set device is in near proximity. In simpler terms, devices will simply know when they're near a specific person, place, store or landmark.

Commercial Use

Being an advertising mogul itself, Google integrates this promising feature for advertisers alike to get in touch with the market through the vast number of smartphone users. It can send information to your Google Wallet about nice deals and trade offers the moment you walk into a store which will surely benefit both buyers and sellers in the market.

Likewise, contact-based reminders can prompt notifications on your phone the moment you get close to another person on your contacts like “remind me to pay John when I see him”. The best part of this technology is letting your smartphones do all these things on your behalf when you’re nearby people, things and places. 


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