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Tuesday, April 24

Meizu to roll out Flyme 1.0 and ICS OTA updates for MX, M9 and MX QuadCore

Meizu’s current line-up, Meizu MX and M9, will have an update for the newer version of its proprietary OS – the Flyme OS. This update will be underpinned Android 4.0 this June so expect to have a bucket full of features aside from the regualar ICS package.

The Flyme 1.0 OS will offer phone-finder features and the “new cloud service”. The recent flagship, Meizu MX QuadCore, will have ICS out of the box so expect that this over-the-air update will only include the Flyme OS 1.0.  However M9 and MX will have both. This Chinese-manufacturer may have been late in releasing this update but who will ever refuse to this seemingly delightful gift? If you own the soon to be outdated M9, we guess that this update is very welcome!


  1. First time I saw and head about this brand. I wanna share it too. Nice post, interesting phone.

  2. This is also one of my first posts for Meizu brand... I must admit, the handset is interesting.




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