Did you guys know that PLDT myDSL can boost you speed up t 10 Mbps? This give loads buffer-free video streaming and online gaming. In this world where being "connected" is a must, consumers struggle for speed in order for them to have the edge from the rest of the crowd.

So in order for me to test this new feat, I tried to track my internet speed for quite some time, and I was a consistent 4Mbps gainer. Plus the fact that other people tried to hook up in our home connection in our residence makes me realize that it, certainly, is quite a catch. With these impressive and consistent speed, I can never say a word against it.

You might want to check the same PLDT Bundle, the XTREME Plan 4000, that offers 10Mbps speed. Other plans include Plan 999 (up to 1Mbps), Plan 1995 (up to 3 Mbps) and Plan 3000 (up to 5Mbps). Hook up with this one to know more of these.

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