Menu reports the latest iPhone unit, iPhone 4S, to be distributed by Smart Communications in their next line up of programs for prepaid and postpaid. They quoted the PLDT chairman, Mr. Manny Pangilinan, that Smart will carry the said phone by December.

      It is a familiar knowledge that Glode Telecoms has been the sole Telco to distribute iPhone in the Philippine market in the last three years. This has provoked Smart to make a deal with different smartphone players like HTC and Windows Phone. But things are in different this time.

                It has also been noted that Smart would include iPhone to their “high-end” postpaid subscribers, probably in the range of Unli Data 4000 or All-In Plan 3500. Plus, there could be a cash-out basing on the current iPhone 4S price. Other than that, we are so excited for the upcoming deals that Smart would offer by the end of the year.

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