Z800 3D Visor: Photo from Wikipedia

What will you do when you’re right smack at the middle of August, and it’s raining cats and dogs in your place? In my case, it’s a bit of a hustle since I laid out my plans for the weekends. And I didn’t want to spoil my weekend either, so tried a new thing that’ll keep my enthusiasm for traveling even better. I faked it. And this is the way it goes.

For the pure nature and work optimization, I tried to set-up my work desk, had enough space for my office stuff and had an extra space for my vacation “thingy”. I gathered quite a number of stuff put them all over the area and it feels like really “ourdoorish”. So I guess you try this and see it for yourself.

The Wind Effect
The solution for this one is a piece of cake. If you could hardly breathe the real countryside air, so use the next best thing…electric fan. Blast yourself with a gust of wind. Now, you can feel the ocean air. You can also open your PC and try playing wind sound effects. 

The Sun Tan 
You can always expose yourself to desklamp that radiates 2000 lumens of fake sunlight right your face or maybe try something like UV lamp for a change. You’re feelin’ it and oops…don’t forget your shades. Try popping a bottle of beer; it’ll diminish a little bit of fake-effect in what you’re doing.

The Fine Sand
If you’re not satisfaction has not been met yet, how about the drama of sand all over the place? Try tearing up premium sand bag and sprinkle it everywhere, then close your eyes and feel the sand in your wiggling toes. Then open your eyes. And if you find your work papers on the desk, try burying them in the sand; it’ll make you feel good. 

The Give Away
A great way to wrap up a vacation is the taking home the assorted shampoos from you’re suite (hehe). Why not drop the idea and buy miniature toiletries? And try displaying them in the “Give Aways” collection in the bathroom.

The 3D Visor 
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
            Not yet convinced with this idea? Well, try this eMagin Z800 3D Visor. This will give you the real-faux get-away. You’ll get the sand, the sun, the soap and the drama, by checking out its pair of OLED displays and magnifying lenses. This’ll give you a 40 degree diagonal field view on each with 800x600 pixel resolution. Its integrated accelerometer/magnetometer/rate gyroscope gives 6 degree of freedom motion sensors used to emulate mouse movements (like looking around in first person shooters). It also has a pair of earbuds and microphone. In short, this 3D goggles allow you to look wherever you want and go wherever you want.

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